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Promote through training a safe, secure, clean and sustainable maritime space in the Gulf of Guinea


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In order to strengthen the capacities of the Gulf of Guinea countries in terms of maritime safety, security and protection of the marine environment, ISMI offers excellent training courses combining lectures, experience sharing and practical exercises.

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In the face of recurring maritime security threats in the Gulf of Guinea. In recent years, the African Maritime Community has been and the international community has mobilized to provide the most effective response possible.

Among the initiatives undertaken is the creation, since 2015, of the of the Interregional Maritime Safety Institute, abbreviated to ISMI, such as Strategic Training Institute of the Regional Academy of Sciences and Techniques of the sea (ARSTM) of Abidjan.

Developing the skills of human resources in the Gulf States of Guinea for matters relating to maritime safety and security, environmental protection and the environment marine and its resources, such is the vocation of ISMI. Its trainings which will have more and more a strong professionalizing content can help promote African expertise in security matters and maritime security.

Africa has understood that its development will inevitably go through the sea. ISMI is committed to support this perspective by counting on the participation of the Gulf of Guinea States, but also on its partners, Côte d’Ivoire, France, the European Union, Japan and the Interregional Coordination Center as well as all the others who decide to accompany us. We would like to express our gratitude to them.

Commander ABE Aké Lazare
Maritime and Port Authority Officer
Director of the Interregional Maritime Security Institute

ISMI, a training centre of excellence within ARSTM

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Building tomorrow’s security

“Africa’s economic development will necessarily be achieved by the sea. It is aware of this challenge that ISMI, through training and capacity building in maritime safety and security for personnel from the Gulf of Guinea States, strives to contribute to building a dynamic and profitable maritime economy on safe, secure and clean maritime spaces.”

Director of the Interregional Maritime Security Institute


nationalities, from the 19 Gulf of Guinea states and the Hinterland

training sessions

working languages: French, English and Portuguese


Address: Interregional Maritime Security Institute, Yopougon Niangon Lokoa – B.P. V 158 Abidjan, République de Côte d’Ivoire

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