Fighting piracy : law enforcement at sea

Press Release april, 2019

Piracy and armed robbery against ships are the most significant threats when it comes to maritime security. The Gulf of Guinea countries have therefore made the fight against piracy and armed robbery at sea one of their priorities, acquiring several tools for regional cooperation in this area: the Memorandum of Understanding of the Subregional Integrated Coast Guard Network of West and Central African States, the Code of Conduct on the Suppression of Acts of Piracy, Armed Robbery against Ships and All Unlawful Maritime Activities in West and Central Africa, and the African Charter on Maritime Safety and Security and Development in Africa.
Despite these efforts, the piracy threat remains very high. After reaching its lowest level in 22 years with 180 attacks worldwide in 2017, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) noted in its latest annual report a significant increase with 201 attacks recorded in 2018.
However, this upsurge is mainly in the Gulf of Guinea. Indeed, attacks in the Gulf of Guinea accounted for 40% of all recorded attacks worldwide in 2018, more than half of which occurred off the coast of Nigeria. In addition, all crew abductions in 2018 took place in the Gulf of Guinea. Since 1 January 2019, the IMB has already identified more than 20 attacks or attempted attacks in the region. Knowing that the number of actual incidents in this area is “significantly higher” than reported, piracy and armed robbery at sea are a major concern for the sub-region.
In order to strengthen the capacity of Gulf of Guinea States to combat piracy, the seminar organized by ISMI aims at providing boarding team leaders and seafarers authorized to record the offence of piracy and armed robbery at sea with knowledge of law and criminal procedure so that their interventions can lead to the conviction of the perpetrators.
Journalists are invited to attend the closing ceremony of this training, which will be held at the Regional Academy of Marine Sciences and Technology (ARSTM – Yopougon, Niangon) on Friday 19 April 2019 at 11:30 am. At the end of this session, a press conference will be organized.

Contacts :
– Maylis TERTRAIS-VIEL, ISMI financial and administrative manager, deputy regional coordinator for State action at sea in the gulf of Guinea (
– Chantal KOFFI, communication officer of ARSTM and ISMI (
– Annexa GOVI, logistic coordinator (

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